I’m a graphic designer, artist and “creative change agent” with a passion for producing beautiful, thoughtful and refined solutions to build your brand, increase revenue and solve specific, quantifiable business goals.

I create using a wide range of aesthetics, from hand-drawn, vibrantly colored and playful designs, to clean, streamlined and refined. My primary goal is to convey the meaning, feelings and message that my clients (you) intend to present to the world. To do this, I use my “highly-tuned”, acute listening skills, sense of design, sense of humor and flair for the unexpected to dig deep, uncover and discover what truly makes you and your brand unique.

After discussing the custom needs of your project, I get to work. I’m highly attentive and thrive on clear communication, transparency and honesty. Together we create something truly unique, personal and valuable for your business, within a budget that honors both of our needs and values.

And yes, we’ll even have fun doing it!

Past clients include: Nike, Inc., Reebok, Icebreaker, Columbia Sportswear, Wilson, Clean Ones, Pioneer Courthouse Square, Young Audiences, Mercy Corps, Townshend’s Tea and Jennifer Louden.

I have two decades of experience helping everyone from global corporations to one-person shops look good. Now, I’m ready to help you.

It’s my mission to help my clients achieve whatever goal they’re after, whether it be building their brand and increasing revenue through a highly involved design project, or infusing more peace and happiness into their life by having one of my paintings in their home.

I’d be honored to be a part of your journey.

Let’s get started! For samples of my design work, go here. To buy art, go here. If you’re ready to take the next step in attaining your business goals and connect…





  • Born in Chicago, raised in San Diego, and summering on Washington Island, Wisconsin, I’m now a Portlander, after a 20 year “test period”.
  • Upon graduation from Cal State, Long Beach, I moved to Portland on a whim and through much serendipity, I spent my first 13 years as a graphic designer at Nike.
  • My favorite project at Nike being The Race to Stop Global Warming.
  • In 2009 I went out on my own to offer more of myself, more of my art and design that is thoughtful, personal, unique and quantifiable, thus Andeelynn Design was born.
  • Having outgrown my childhood name, and wanting to take my business and art to the next level, Andrea Henning Design is born, 2016.
  • As an artist, I’ve been showing my work since my first humble art show in 2009 at a coffee shop where many of my friends, family, and community came out to support me. A “coming out” party, if you will, showing the world my watercolors based on my travels to Europe and Mexico. On that perfectly sunny, spring day in May, I finally realized that I am an artist.
  • When not designing or painting, you can find me walking the aisles of New Seasons, the trails in the Gorge, balancing at one of my favorite yoga classes, owning my faults, eating at a food cart with friends, cruising through my neighborhood on my townie bike, or walking through airport security – boarding a flight to “who knows where”.
  • I believe that getting uncomfortable is necessary to create change, the energy of the ocean makes things good again and that all beings are connected.
  • I believe that beautiful, inspirational and authentic art can help create a better world.

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