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Spreading Joy in Downtown Portland

Hello and Happy Start-of-the-Holidays! It’s been awhile and it’s good to be back. I’ve been really busy and I bet you have too. Let me quickly fill you in on what I’ve been up to.  Last summer, after I blogged about the branding for Sol Rides, I went to work for Nike as a contractor […]

Branding for Sol Rides – Majestic eBike Tours in the Columbia Gorge

One of the most exciting facets of my business and mission is to help new business owners establish their brand personality through a unique logo. I love using my tools of design – typography, color and form to bring their vision to life through their aesthetics, values and goals. An example of a project like […]

Around Here Lately…

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been feeling really uneasy lately about the recent state of affairs in this country. Two Saturdays ago when I was wet and smashed in a crowd for well over an hour waiting for the Women’s March in Portland to start, I went back and forth between feeling extremely claustrophobic […]

Saving the World with Graphic Design

Why not? When I was in a corporate job, I so often felt like the biggest fish out of water. I remember a time when I was tasked to come up with taglines for a women’s training line. So, I set to work and my concepts resembled something like what you might see for a […]

Vessel Botanic branding – art + design

Since launching my website in July, I’ve been pretty focused on showing my art, but to be totally honest, graphic design is how I support myself. And, it’s a very satisfying and important part of my life. I feel like one doesn’t exist (*well*) without the other and they actually help support each other. My […]

“I Felt You Painted This Just For Me” – Sara D.

Last week I was reminded of why I decided to bring art into my main business and paint not just for myself, as a form of relaxation, but for others to enjoy and own as well. I posted a picture of a painting on Instagram (link) and my friend and former coworker, Sara, was drawn to […]

Summer (Lovin’) Road Trip

I’ve been back for almost a week now, but sometimes you just need to take time away from social media to absorb and live life, instead of write about it. I’m that type of person for sure! Starting on July 3rd, I traveled to Washington Island, Wisconsin to be with my mom, my niece and […]

Sometimes You Just Need To Do It Again

Things often work better when you’re in “the zone”, right? Here’s my proof! I don’t even remember painting the bird on the left, but I was obviously just going through the motions and still fighting my love of watercolors. (Watercolors take great focus and a steady hand!) The one on the right was done just […]

When is a Logo Done?

Some clients have a general idea of what they want, but don’t know exactly what they want until they “see it”. In that case, we hone in on the general direction and then I work many different variations that each have a different way of solving the same needs, like a puzzle with many possible […]

On Fear And When Not To Listen

Confession time…

I’m afraid of everything.

There, I said it. I’ve been made fun of for it, broken up with because of it, missed out on a lot of cool sh*t due to it and it almost stopped me from completing my web project and from putting my art out into the world.