“I Felt You Painted This Just For Me” – Sara D.

Last week I was reminded of why I decided to bring art into my main business and paint not just for myself, as a form of relaxation, but for others to enjoy and own as well. I posted a picture of a painting on Instagram (link) and my friend and former coworker, Sara, was drawn to it. She said she wanted it, but someone else, a customer at Townshend’s Tea where it’s hanging, had expressed interest first. I had to tell Sara it was sold. But, turns out, it wasn’t, because they never came back to get it. I was sad for them, but happy for Sara. And Sara went the next day to pick it up and had this to say:

“I feel like you painted this just for me – It moves me – truly. It’s funny – I knew I loved it, but when I saw it, I got this amazing feeling! Thanks a million. It fits perfectly on my gallery wall!!” -Sara Dahlquist

Sara also happens to have an amazing business as a Personal Style Coach at dahlstyle.com. Check her out!




I love it when a painting finds the “right” home. I know this sound a little crazy, but I think the energy of art (like anything else) can either wither and die or prosper, in the right environment. And in Sara’s home, “Mountain Reflections” will live a long, well-loved life. Thank you Sara!

Did I mention that I have a solo art show at Townshend’s Tea (N. Mississippi location), going on now through the end of August? I do. So, if you’re in the Portland area and haven’t seen my art in person, now’s a good chance to check it out over a cup of tea.

Here are directions to get you there: map

And, this is a new painting I just added for just $80. 12” x 16”, acrylic on panel and framed, titled “A Good Day”:


A Good Day


Thank you, as always, for you support.