On Fear And When Not To Listen

Confession time…

I’m afraid of everything.

There, I said it. I’ve been made fun of for it, broken up with because of it, missed out on a lot of cool sh*t due to it and it almost stopped me from completing my web project and from putting my art out into the world.

Completing this website project has brought up every last fear and doubt and insecurity that I’ve ever had about myself. It’s made me want to paint a big “F*CK IT” over canvases of bright color. It’s made me want to drink 6 margaritas and pass out on the couch. It’s made me procrastinate for 6 years on moving forward! It’s made me doubt, at the very end, if I should scrap it all and start over. Thankfully on those days of feeling paralyzed by fear, I managed to pull myself together and go to yoga and begin to feel my breath again, and quietly, in turtle-like speed, work through the fear.

Because, being afraid is totally normal. It’s what got us here. It’s what protects us and motivates us to do stuff. We all know that, but sometime it stops us from even doing things we want to do, and that’s when it’s not so good. In fact, it totally sucks. And since I’m a visual person and need reminders, I painted it out, so, this is me talking back to the fear that stops me (and maybe you too), from moving forward:


Be Creative. Express Yourself. Talk Back to Negativity. Spread More Love. The World Needs You!

Remember, you are what you do, not what you say you’ll do.

I’d love to hear from you. Did you move through fear to complete a project you’ve been putting off? What got your through? Are you in the middle of working through it? What is holding you back? Please so share below..