Summer (Lovin’) Road Trip

I’ve been back for almost a week now, but sometimes you just need to take time away from social media to absorb and live life, instead of write about it. I’m that type of person for sure!

Starting on July 3rd, I traveled to Washington Island, Wisconsin to be with my mom, my niece and nephew for a week and then drive back to Portland for a week. In that time, I also met my mom’s new boyfriend, two of his kids, their spouses, got to know a new part of the island, launched my website, celebrated Independence Day, got to catch up with dear old friends who I hadn’t seen in over 10 years and meet their 3 children, spend 6 quality days with another heart sister friend, driving my newly inherited car back from Wisconsin, visit Yellowstone and all of it’s wonders, and spend some quality time as an American tourist in America. Oh, and hello Grand Tetons! How could I possibly forget the most picturesque of the entire drive?

I got home exhausted, grateful, happy and raw. So much has transpired in the last few months, years. So much change. How do I absorb it all? What is the meaning of life? Clearly, with too much time on my hands to contemplate such things, I feel like I’m right where I’m supposed to be in life. Creating, content, but anxiously, always striving for more. To do better and to be better.

I’m pretty sure it’s time to create and be inspired by some of the beauty and peace I experienced on my journey. And to send out some gratitude for all the kindnesses and love I experienced along the way, from my friends and family and also from strangers who we met getting new tires, dining, getting tea or information.

To summer and to endless possibilities!