Vessel Botanic branding – art + design

Since launching my website in July, I’ve been pretty focused on showing my art, but to be totally honest, graphic design is how I support myself. And, it’s a very satisfying and important part of my life. I feel like one doesn’t exist (*well*) without the other and they actually help support each other.

My art influences my designs and my designs influence my art (even if the design doesn’t utilize an element of art).

One recent example of where art and design live together is the branding I created for Christine of Vessel Botanic.

Christine came to me a couple months ago with a challenge to create a logo, business card and hangtag for her new business of designing and selling botanicals in modern containers. I got to work quickly, with the ease of knowing that I was working with someone who had a clear vision for her business. (This makes life easier for a designer and the results are WAY better.)

I considered all of her ideas, working through 3 rounds of refinements. She selected a final that best represents and compliments her company’s modern, beautiful ‘vessels’, combines art and design and is one that she and her clients are thrilled with.

“Getting rave reviews on the business card and logo!! – Christine C.

Check out Christine’s beautiful “vessels” and how well the branding accentuates them.


I adopted two and they are seriously brightening up my house!

If YOU know of someone who is considering branding or rebranding their business and might love my style, please help us both by introducing us!

Thank you and all the best,

p.s. Check out Christine’s work on her Facebook page: