Clean Ones

Driven by an unwavering commitment to quality and value, Clean Ones has been bringing innovation and improvement to the Household Glove category for over 30 years. Selling only 97,000 pairs of gloves in their first year of business, they have grown to become an industry leader selling over 1 billion gloves each year from our headquarters in Portland, OR.

I’ve been a part of their team as a designer since 2009 and love it. The challenges I design against are infusing their desire for a more modern and clean aesthetic into products that are mass-marketed and need to be easily digestible, yet distinguishable. Since 2009, I have rebranded them (new logo and typography), updated packaging for their Reusable, Disposable and Workin’ Glove lines, designed trade show ads and booths, promotional materials and surface designs. Since these updates, sales have steadily increased and they’re getting into many big box stores.

Designer, Surface Designer, Illustrator